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History preservation video project

One of the long-term goals of the Society has been to preserve the County's history through multimedia, specifically videotapes. The current leadership has renewed this project approved by previous boards and, today, Society members and leaders are actively moving forward with the project. Several lifetime citizens in McDonald County have been contacted and are recording historical memories and the tapes for this project are now in production.

Any persons who are interested in preserving their memories of McDonald County or who know lifetime residents of the County whose contributions would be invaluable to the Society are invited and encouraged to contact The Society. Anyone interested in participating in this important project is also invited to contact the Society.

The Heritage and History of McDonald County

The McDonald County Historical Society will begin publishing a quarterly journal, The Heritage and History of McDonald County. The first issue will be available soon to members.

McDonald County Historical Museum

The Society has founded the McDonald County Historical Museum in Pineville, displaying historical contributions and collections depicting the County's rich history. The first floor of the museum will officially open in August but activities are planned throughout the summer. 

Photo courtesy of Ric Akehurst.

McDonald County Historical Society website

The McDonald County Historical Society is building this website to host a variety of news and resources for persons interesting in the history and genealogy of McDonald County, Missouri. This website is a live and ongoing project. Persons wishing to contribute comments or information may contact Raylene Lamb at

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