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Research and Resources

The Society continues to strive to preserve the County’s history and to archive County records. Since early 2007 we have acquired many of the County’s lost or forgotten records.

We have recently been able to move the donations collected by Society members during the 1970s from the library, where they were stored, to our new location at 302 Harmon in Pineville. We now have available at the Museum several invaluable documents and historic records. Upon accessing and archiving these records, they will be made available to the public.

We have also received a donation of numerous artifacts and memorabilia from Roger Porter, the realtor responsible for selling the property which formerly housed the Noel Museum during the 1980s. We are indebted to the efforts of Doreen Stiles who was the apparent founder of the Noel Museum. According to information from Mr. Porter, this museum has been closed for the past seven years due to the passing of Mrs. Stiles. We are pleased to be able to provide information obtained from the Noel Collection for use by the general public.

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