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Membership in the McDonald County Historical Society is open to persons interested in preserving the history and heritage of McDonald County. Membership benefits include access to the official quarterly publication of the McDonald County Historical Society and participation in elections, 6 speakers/ year, and governing decisions of the Society.

TO BECOME A MEMBER:   Membership Form

Fill out the above Membership form and a check for the total amount for all memberships and mail it to the address below. Membership is for one full calendar year running January 1 through December 31. Dues are not prorated. Please make checks payable to the McDonald County Historical Society.

McDonald County Historical Society
P.O. Box 572
Pineville, Missouri 64856
Membership Dues
Annual Membership Dues: $15 per person for Regular membership OR you may elect to be called “Friends of the Society” at $50/person.   We also have a new “Family” membership for $25.00. Benefits include those of regular membership plus invitations to preview new exhibits and to special fundraising events.  Most importantly, you know that you will be supporting the ongoing maintenance and preservation of historic buildings such as the Historic Courthouse and the Historic Sheriff’s House..

The McDonald County Historical Society meets the third Sunday of every other month (beginning in January) at 2 p.m. The location of the
meetings is at the Pineville Community Center on Jesse James Road. Meetings are informal, allowing audience participation, and are opened by officer’s reports of progress of the Society’s various projects and other announcements. Guest speakers vary and will be announced in the local newspapers.

Please consider sharing the history of McDonald County with others by donating historical artifacts to the Museum.
Please help us preserve McDonald County's Heritage for generations to come. We are here to identify, collect, preserve, interpret, shawcase, and disseminate materials and information pertaining to McDonald County.

Donations to the McDonald County Historical Society are tax deductible. The society was granted a 501(c)3 tax exempt status in 2003. All donors will be provided  a receipt whether the donation is memorabilia, artifacts, or a monetary contribution. The Society graciously appreciates all contributions made to further the goal of collecting, preserving, and sharing the rich history of McDonald County.

The McDonald County Historical Society is funded fully by the financial support of members and donor contributions. Even though the Society accepts grants contributions from individuals are invaluable to us. The Society has currently undertaken several projects simultaneously. If you have a preference, please
indicate which of the Society’s projects the donation is helping to fund.

Charitable Bequests
A Charitable bequest is written in a will or trust that directs a gift to be made to a qualified tax exempt charity when you pass away.  One benefit of a charitable bequest is that it enables you to further the good work of an organization that is near and dear to your heart.  Better yet, a charitable bequest can help you save estate taxes by providing your estate with a charitable deduction for the value of the gift.  A retirement asset like an IRA account or an insurance policy make excellent bequests to a charity.  Contact your IRA or retirement account custodian to obtain a beneficiary designation form.  All inquiries are treated with complete confidence.  You may contact us at 417-223-7700.

Artifact Donations
If you have an item you think you would like to share please mail us a note at:
MCHS P.O. Box 572 Pineville, Missouri 64856.

Monetary Donations
To make a tax-­deductible, cash donation to the McDonald County Historical Museum please mail to MCHS, P.O. Box 572, Pineville, MO 64856.

Adopt a Brick Campaign  $100
Some historic bricks for our wall are still available at $100.00. A plaque will be placed with the name of your choice.


This is the most interesting and fantastic tribute to the history of Mac Co.!!! This is wonderful for all present and future generation to see History!.  The school kids should have a field trip here!? A great educational tool for all!! A valuable and proud asset to all citizens of Mac C0!!!
                    -Joe Collard, Mesquite, TX
My Dad graduated from Pineville high school in ’41.  (Ted Collard) brothers James, Jack, Arthur Eugene

Really interesting.  Loved the Jesse James scrapbook since our Dad and Uncles and Mother were featured.  Movie Theater is a great touch!  Would love to see more descriptive plaques under the pictures in the bathroom.  (We agree and are putting up descriptions in August, 2014)
                -Renee McManus

So great to see so many visitors!   JJ

This museum is Awesome!!! The history is so cool and the tour guides are so helpful and nice.   Caroline McManus, Columbia, S.C.

I love the attention to so many diverse respects of this community and Missouri in general—and I am so glad to see a historic building carefully restored and repurposed to house the artifacts.  It is evident that your staff and volunteers care deeply about the museum.
                        Dylene from Maryland

We really enjoyed our tour!  Gayla Eliff, Bevery and Gayle are knowledgeable.  We will be back again to read more about McDonald County. What history.  So glad it is being preserved for the future generations.  Today’s children have missed so very much of the wonderful life we and our ancestors were able to enjoy.  We learned things today that we never knew and it brought goose bumps.  There is so much more to read about and learn.  Thank you for your efforts and love of the people, the community and the history.  Keep passing it on!
                            Jay and Dee from Arkansas

I love my home sweet home town of Pineville, Missouri and I am so glad the Historical Society has lovingly preserved this old courthouse in which I use to ramble around in with my granddad, Arthur R. Ellis.  He was the county clerk here for sixteen years.  I enjoy being a docent.  Thank you McDonald County Historical Society.     
                            Gayla from Pineville

We just “happened to stop” due to your “Welcome Center Affiliate” sign.  And what a surprise when we found your most charming town.  Melissa at City Hall is the perfect welcome representative and Alberta gave us a personal tour of this absolutely amazing museum.  It is one of the best historical museums we have seen (and we have seen many!!)  We are so impressed with the creativity and artistry.  It is obvious how proud the citizens of Pineville are of their town—and rightfully so.  Thanks you for sharing your family’s histories in this way. 
David and Chris from Arkansas

Beautiful museum!   We will see you again!
Patty and Karen from a Missouri Genealogical Society

Exceptional, very well presented.
Jane from Missouri

Very Interesting, nicely arranged!   Enjoyed.   Amazing!  Well done. 
                Mona and friends

More Comments from Visitors

This restored Couth House is one of the best things to happen to McDonald County ever.  It should be a tribute to all who have gone before us and it will be a lasting place of interest to many generations to come.  It is extremely well done and ranks as the very best county museum in the country. 
                Jim from Missouri

This court House is beautiful.  I have enjoyed the visit.  Well done!  Thank you.
            Linda from Oklahoma

I am so impressed with this restoration.  I am speechless.  The time and hard work that has gone into it is very apparent.  Thank you to everyone involved for preserving our history. 
                Dee from Missouri

You folks did a heck of a job.  Thank you.
                Larry and Doris from Missouri

I’m joining the Historical Society BECAUSE of the efforts of the present members to preserve our county’s memories.  GREAT JOB!  Thank you.
                Rose from Missouri

Beautiful restoration and so important to me.  My family roots are very deep in McDonald County. 
                        Mary from Missouri

What a wonderful restoration, just a great job!  I am a fourth generation here—my dad was John Kelley.  I hope to spend more time here in the future.
                        Mary Kelley from Arkansas

Absolutely beautiful work inside the Historic Courthouse!  The opportunities created by this endeavor for the preservation and education of McDonald County is boundless.  I am so thankful for those who have stepped forward to preserve our heritage.  Thank you!
                    Jonica from Missouri

Amazing, wonderful place!   All I could say when I opened the front door is “WOW” First class job.  The displays are creative, clever and fascinating.  This place is a treasured gift to us today and a true honor to those who came before us.  I will visit often and will see something new each time.  Thank you!

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