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James Reed


Weekly News & Family Histories from McDonald County, MO
This series of books is a WEEKLY history of McDonald County, following the lives of its citizens,
above and beyond anything produced by any other county of the state.


About The Author

James ReedFor 33 years, James Reed split each week evenly between his charming, rustic home at Powell, Missouri, overlooking Mikes's Creek, a cold, clear, spring-water stream, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was born, and worked as a mainframe comptuer operator, for a major hospital, there.
     In the late 1970's, Mr. Reed had the privilege to assist Missouri State Archeaologists in the excavation of Bee bluff Indian Site, 1/2 mile north of Powell. He wrote several newspaper articles, at the time, about the excavation, and subsequently excavated other sites in the area. He has an impressive collection of local Indian artifacts, gathered over the years.
     Between 1980 and 1986, Mr. Reed produced a hand-written, 3,000-page work called "Pineville and It's People", which follows the lives of over 80 families of Pineville, during the 60-year period 1883-1942. He gleaned this information from his colleciton of newspapers left by his great-grandfather, publisher Claiborne E. Duval. During this period he was building his home at Powell as well.
     Through the 1990's, Mr. Reed made 5 month-long trips to Poland to acquire one of the largest collections of Baltic amber in Missouri. On his last trip there, he met a friend of a friend, and they married at Powell in 1998. He and wife, Galina, take great pride in their wine-cellar.
     Among his other interests are Geology, Paleontology, Astronomy, and shooting (he has two cannons). Through the years many newspaper articles have appeared, documenting these many interests and activities.
     Now retired to Powell, Mr. Reed has time to make one las pass through his old and fragile newspapers, to produce sequential, yearly histories, covering the same 60-year period, for all of McDonald County. Mr. Reed hopes to produce four volumes per year, making this a 15-year endeavor.

About the Volumes
Each volume tells the story of McDonald County in a rather unique way, by letting the people of the times tell the story.
The information was gleaned from the writer's collection of the "Pineville News", and later the "Pineville Hearld", published from 1883 to 1942 by Claiborne Duval, the writer's great-grandfather.
Since the "News", and later "Herald", were published in Pineville, each volume will be most represented by PIneville items and have different mixes of towns represented, as writers drift away and others arrive to tell of their town and times.

Included in each Volume
*About the Author
*To the Reader - Identifies the well represented and other towns mentioned
*Highlights - A list of interesting news in the book. This is not a complete list.
*Pineville Town Items - The news is listed in date order, including advertisements from that year, and a Name Index (names are listed in alphabetical order at the end of each town. This makes it easier to know which town your ancestor was living in at the time)
*List of Towns Well Represented in alphabetical order
*Each Well Represented Town has their news in date order with a Name Index
*List of Towns of Mention in alphabetical order
*Each Town of Mention has their news in date order with a Name Index
*Towns of Mention Index - Person index with town

Each Volume is $20 and can be purchased through the McDonald County Historical Society
To order please call 417-223-7700, email mcdonaldcohistory@olemac.net
or send inquiry to
McDonald County Historical Society
P. O. Box 572
Pineville, MO 64856

Checks are to be made out to McDonald County Historical Society

If the Historical Society is short of a particular book, or if further research is desired for a particular family, James Reed can be reached personally by:
                                            Mail: 139 Creekside Road, Powell, Mo.  65730
                                            E-mail: claibornecastle@hotmail.com
                                            Phone: (417) 435-2241


Schools and Churches of McDonald County
   This book is a sub-project of the much largert work-in-progross and is the result of numerous and ongoing inquiries reguarding the schools and churches of  McDonald County during the old days.

    As it rurns out, the source newspapers for the larger project are full of references and news about those very schools and churches, which were dutifully included into the larger work - thus this book

   It is hoped the reader will gain insight into the evolution, activities and general news of the schools and churches of McDonald County,during the decade of 1880's. An 1890's book to follow.

Vol 1

Vol 1 1883
Towns Well Represented
Indian Springs, Rocky Comfort, Saratoga Springs, Southwest City

Other towns mentioned
Bethpage, "Big Sugar Creek", Buffalo, Cobble Hill, Elk Mills, Erie, Mountain, Powell, Twin Springs, White Rock

This volume contains information from 1880 & 1881. Claib managed to acquire about six-months worth of the earlier editions.

A Peek at some pages

Highlights of 1883
The Great Flood of July
Dr. A. W. Chenoweth Assassinated (Pineville)
Capt. A. M. Dillin's Trip to Montana
A Little Feud Between J. F. Dabbs and James Gooldy (Rocky Comfort)
J. M. Wisdom Kills Wm. Judy (Saratoga)
The Southwest City Academy
Paddy Hanna Kills Brother Jerry Hanna (Southwest City)
Valedictory Address by Ella Lanier (Southwest City)
Railroad Fever Continues
The County is Prosperous and Growing

Vol 2

Towns Well Represented
Fort Scott, Kansas, Indian Springs, Rocky Comfort, Southwest City

Other Towns Mentioned
Bannock, Bethpage, Buffalo, Bunker Hill, Cobble Hill, Elk Mills, Muskogee, Okla., Powell, Saratoga, Siloam Springs, Ark.

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1884
The Neosho Fire
The Harshest Winter In Decades
John Kirby Kills Joe Godwin (Pineville)
The G. A. Mann Trial And Sentence
The Normal Institute of Pineville
An Election Year
W. P. Judy Kills Son-In-Law, Pat Boyle (Southwest City)
Railroad Fever Continues
The County Continues to Grow and Prosper

Vol 3

1885 Towns Well Represented
Exeter, Indian Springs, Southwest City

Other Towns Mentioned
Bethpage, "Big Sugar Creek", Buffalo, Caverna, Elk Horn, Elk Mills, Harper KS, May, Powell, Rocky Comfort, Saratoga, St. John KS, Twin springs

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1885
County Still Trying to Get A Railroad
Garland Mann Trial Saga Continues
J. M. Wisdom's Death Sentence Commuted
Valedictory Address By May Farmer and Ida Pascoe
Good, Descriptive Write-Up About McDonald County
The Murger Of Dorson Anderson, by Irwin Grubb
The Lynching of Irwin Grubb

Vol 4

1886 Towns Well Represented
Bethpage, Indian Springs, Saratoga, Southwest City, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Beaver Springs, Benton Co., AR, Buffalo, Cobble Hill, Coy, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Elk Mills, Elk River, Erie, Flat Wood, Harper, Hart, May, McMillin, Noel, Oyler's Grove, Powell, Prairie, Rocky Comfort, Stella, Twin Springs

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1886
Recession seems to bring in the new year
The county looses Prof. J. C. Ryan to Chicago
A double murder in Barry County
An election year
Talk of a telephone line
James Meranda commits suicide
Emma Brown poisons her two-weeks-old baby
A Steamboat plies "Lake McNatt", at Indian Springs
Arrest at Southwest City, involving a 30-year-old murder
"Beaver Springs" gets it's first Postmaster, Robert Anderson, for which the town will later be named
"Coy" comes into being
James T. Williams, of Noel, continues to raise the finest horses in the county
Tornado hits "Oyler's Grove, Prairie Township

Vol 5
1887 Towns Well Represented
 Benton County, AR., Noel, Southwest City, Splitlog, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Anderson, Beeman Hollow, Buffalo, Coy, Cycloe, Elk Horn, Elk Mills, Erie, Indian Springs, Jane, May, McMillin, Powell, Prairie, Rocky Comfort, Saratoga, Tiff City, Twin Springs

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1887
A Nice Write-up of the County, as of 1887
1887 was a Year of Drought
The Railroad Fever continues
"Gold" was Discovered in Southwest City
McDonald County Gets it's First Telephone Line
The Murder of Deputy Marshall Dan Maples, (Benton County)
Outlaw But Trainer and Gang Reek Havoc, (Benton County)
James T. Williams Gives a Quality Horse and Colt Show, (Noel)
1887 was the Year of Mathias Splitlog, Hit Town and His Railroad
Ben Newall Stabs William Russell, at Church, (Whtie Rock)
and of course, so much more................

Vol 6

1888 cover
Towns Well Represented
  Indian Springs, southwest City, Splitlog

Other Towns Mentioned
Anderson, Benton County, AR., Bethpage, Buffalo, Caverna, Coy, Cyclone, Elk HOrn, Elk Mills, Erie, Noel, Powell, Prairie, Rocky Comfort, Round Grove, Saratoga, Seneca, Tiff City, Tribulation, Twin Springs, White Rock

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1888
McDonald County Decial Society Formed
The " 'Wood' Local Option Law" voted down
Sturdivan Family Losses Four Members In One Month, To Pneumonia
Pineville's Memorial Day Parade
Goodspeed's History is Researched and Published
Prominent Southwest City Businessman, Harmon Dustin, Slain
Splitlog Railroad Finally Completed From Joplin to Neosho

Vol 7

1889 Cover
Towns Well Represented
  Benton County, Ark, Indian Springs, Saratoga, Southwest City, Splitlog

Other Towns Mentioned
Anderson, Buffalo, Cobble Hill, Coy, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Elk Mills, Elk River, Erie, Hart, May, McMillin, Mitchell's Prairie, Mountain, Neosho, Noel, Nubia, Powell, Prairie, Richwood, Rocky Comfort, Seneca, Sulphur Springs, Tiff City, Twin Springs, White Rock

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1889
Courthouse Yard Gets A Public Well
Railroad Frustration Continues
The Pineville Cornet Band
Cleaning Up the Pineville Cemetery
The Neosho Fair
The Growing Feud Between Cloud, Caldwell, and The News
Private, Family Christmas Trees Begin to Appear In Homes
and of course, much more......

Vol 8

1890 Cover
Towns Well Represented
  Buffalo, coy, Greenwood, May, Neosho, Southwest City, Splitlog, Tiff City

Other Towns Mentioned
Barry County, Beeman Hollow, Benton County, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Flat Rock, Hart, Indian Springs, Noel, Pierce City, Posell, Rocky Comfort, Salt Peter Cave, Saratoga, Stella, Sugar Fork, White Rock

A Peek at some pages
Highlights of 1890
Drought turns to Monsoon
Political Battles w/Democratic Landslide
Death of C. W. Warren family
The Drowning of Little Charley
The Burglary of John C Baber's Store
Children's Day
The County Normal
Wife and Son of John A. Wilson killed by Lightning
Two Children of William Barton, Burn to Death
Miss Minnie DePew Kills John Lewis
Robbery of the Saratoga Post Office

Vol 9

Vol 9 1891
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Neosho, Rocky Comfort, Southwest City, Tiff City

Other Towns Mentioned
Barry County, Benton County, Buffalo, Coy, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Erie, Flint, Greenwood, Hart, Indian Springs, Lanagan, McMillin, Mountain, Noel, Pleasant Valley, Powell, Roland, Saratoga, Seneca, Splitlog, Stella, Twin Springs, White Rock
Highlights of 1891
Deaths of Col. J. L. Barr and Mrs. Bertenia McGhee
Renewed Railroad Hopes for Pineville
Respected Citizen, John C. Barbaer Embezzles County Funds
Another Killing at Tiff City
A Shootout East of Rogers, Ark.
A Sad Tragedy at Erie
The Dance at Rocky Comfort
The Killing of C. E. Garritt, (Neosho)
A Sad Accident at Seneca

Vol 10

Vol 10 1892
Towns Well Represented
Buffalo, Coy, Indian Springs, May, Neosho, Noel, Powell, Roland, Southwest City, Slitlog

Other Towns Mentioned
Anderson, Barry County, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Erie, Flint, Hart, Lanigan, McMillin, Monett, Nubia, Patterson Creek, Rocky Comfort, Tiff City, Twin Springs, Wade, White  Rock
Highlights of 1892
A Severe Winter
Countywide Flue Epidemic (La Grippe)
Wet, Stormy Spring
The Saga of  Bud Blunt
The New Besserman Mill (Pineville)
Pineville's Final Gasp for a Railroad
Much of Southwest City's Business District Burns
Attempted Murder of Atry, J. W. Brunk (Neosho)
The Drowinging of Nannie Braithwait (SW City)

Vol 11

Vol 11 1893/94
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Buffalo, Neosho, Southwest City, Splitlog, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Barry County, Buzzard Glory, Cowskin Prairie, Coy, Cyclone, Donohue, Elk Horn, Erie, Hart, Indian Springs, Lanagan, Madge, May, McMillin, Mountain, Noel, Nubia, Powell, Rocky Comfort, Rutledge, Saratoga, Seneca, Simcoe, Stella, Tiff City, Tribulation, Union Chapel, Wade
Highlights of 1893/94
The Splitlog road is sold and abandoned, and teh town begins to
Nov 1893: Pineville News ceases publication
Nov. 1894: Pineville Herald is introduced

Vol 12

Vol 12 1895
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Barry county, Donohue, May, Neosho, Rocky comfort, Southwest City, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Coy, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Erie, Hart, Indian Springs, Lanagan, Madge, Marionville, Maysville, Ark., Noel, NW Arkansas, Powell, Seneca, Simcoe, Splitlog, Stella, Tiff City, Wade, Webb City, Wylie
Highlights of 1895
Pineville gets a new schoolhouse (This was the old high school, torn down in the 1980's, to make room for the present library)
Creations of the Odd Fellows's Lodge at Pineville
The Temperance Movement Flourishes countywide.
The Teachers Institute at Pineville.
The Suicide of Sim Luster (Barry County)
The 6,000 acre Ozark Orchard Company (Donohue)
The Killing of Alex Zane (May)
A Tragic Railroad Accident (Neosho)
A Train Robber Shot and Captured (SW City)
Another Shootout in Southwest City
Thanks to "Moon Shine", White Rock is Very Well Represented in 1895.
A Train Wreck in Madge
A Fatal Accident at Seneca.

Vol 13

Vol 13 1896
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Donohue, Lanagan, Neosho, Noel, Pursell, Rocky Comfort, Southwest City, Tiff Ctiy, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Barry County, Big Sugar, Coy, Cyclone, Elk HOrn, Erie, Indian Springs, Powell, Saratoga, Seneca, Splitlog, Stella, Webb City
Highlights of 1895
Complete History of the W. C. T. U. in Pineville.
Laying of the Cornerstone for the New M. E. Church, South.
Rev. Coffelt and Family injured by Run-a-Way team
The Shooting of B. F. Worthing.
The Free-Silver Movement
The Noel Robbery
The Killing of Jack Tillotson (White Rock)

Vol 14

Vol 14 1897
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Elk Horn, Lanagan, Neosho, Powell, Parsell, Rocky Comfort, Southwest City, Tiff City, White Rock, Wiley

Other Towns Mentioned
Coy, Cyclone, Donohue, Erie, Indian Springs, King's Hollow, McMillin, Noel, Saratoga, Splitlog
Highlights of 1897
The Great Drought of 1897
Three Pineville Pioneers Die in a Single Day
The Old Wave Hotel Burnes
Still Waiting For a Jail
McDonald County Bank Robbed
Pineville Gets Two Banks
George Smith Killed at Old Bethpage Church
Neosho Gets Electric Lights
W. C. T. U. Continues to Organize in County
George Croddy Killed in Hunting Accident

Vol 15

Vol 15 1898
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Indian Springs, Powell, Pursell, Rocky Comfort, Southwest City, Tiff City, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Barry Co., Caverna, Coy, Cyclone, Elk Horn, Erie, Lanagan, McNatt, Neosho, Noel, Sarcoxie, Simcoe, Splitlog, Stella
Highlights of 1898
The Arnold murder Case
Pineville Bank Robbers Sentenced
Tour of the Pineville Roller Mills
Tour of the Pineville Sawmill
J. W. Shields trip to Cape Girardeau
Death of Will Gardener
4th of July at Pineville
Still Wanting a Jail
A Flooding Year
4th of July at White Rock

Not in Business in 1899, 1900, 1901

Vol 16
Towns Well Represented
coming soon

Other Towns Mentioned
coming soon
Highlights of 1901-02
coming soon

Vol 17
Vol 16 1901-02
Towns Well Represented
coming soon

Other Towns Mentioned
coming soon
Highlights of 1903
coming soon

Vol 18
Vol 18 1904
Towns Well Represented
coming soon

Other Towns Mentioned
coming soon
Highlights of 1904
coming soon

Vol 19
Vol 19 1905
Towns Well Represented
coming soon

Other Towns Mentioned
coming soon
Highlights of 1905
coming soon

Vol 20
Vol 20 1906 Towns Well Represented
coming soon

Other Towns Mentioned
coming soon
Highlights of 1906
coming soon

Vol 21
Vol 21 1907
Towns Well Represented
Anderson, Barlow, Cyclone, Enterprise, Erie, New Bethel, Noel, Pack, White Rock

Other Towns Mentioned
Bethpage, Butler Creek, Coy, Dry Hollow, Elk HOrn, goodman, Greasy Bend, Howe, Lanagan, Madge, May, Mike's Creek, Moral, Mountain, Neosho, N. Elk HOrn, Powell, Rocky Comfort, Simcoe, Southwest City, Splitlog, Stoglin Hollow, Sugar Creek, Sweet Clover, Tiff City, Whitenburg

A Peek at the Past

Highlights from 1907

An Attempted Bank Robbery at Pineville,
Popular Teacher Clarence Mosier Killed by Irate Parent
More Railroad Fever for Pineville
George Oyler Gunned Down at Southwest City
The Pineville Reunion
Cleaning Up the Pineville Cemebertty
Otto Waleters Accidently Shoots Brother Eugene
Mrs. Will Reece Burns to Death
Dan Utter Killed at Simcoe
Continued Expansion of Telephone Lines Throughout the County