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Board Notes

November 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Kayla Langford, LaSandra McKeever, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Dylan Thomas, Kathy Underwood


Realizing that we have some new members, I’ll repeat that these notes are not the Board Minutes but simply a quick way for me to keep our members up to date on the activities of their Board.

This Board meeting followed our annual Board Retreat at Jane & Bill Lant’s Cabin.  First, we need to note the new members elected to the Board.  We are pleased to welcome Dylan Thomas, Kayla Langford and LaSandra McKeever to the Board.  At the same time, we regret so much that Paul Lewis has submitted his resignation from the Board.  Paul has been a dependable mainstay of the organization including serving as it’s President.  However, we are pleased that he will continue to serve on Kathy’s committee charged with making application to the State for the old Jail in Pineville to be designated as a Historical site.

Judy R. gave the financial report showing a current balance of some $37,759.00.  In regard to our 2019 budget, Karen indicated that it is being finalized by the Finance Committee and will be presented for final discussion and approval at an upcoming Board meeting.  She did say that it appears the budget will be somewhat less than last year.

Karen reported that the doors on the Sheriff’s house have been replaced.  The fence on the back of our property at the Sheriff’s was damaged and will be repaired.  In addition, we moved the farm equipment from the front yard to the back area as display items.

Karen also reported that we are at the end of the 4th grade class tours for the season, the last being the Pineville class.  She again, pointed out what a great addition the veterans Ronnie Rogers and Jerry Winegar give to the tours.

Kathy reported that we have a total of 63 Friends and 185 regular members giving us a total of 248 members.  The continued membership growth is key to the future of our Historical Society.

Alice gave an update on the continued work by her committee as well as the volunteers from Wal Mart in inputting data enumeration our artifacts, books, papers, etc..  It’s going to be one of the most critical projects for the upcoming year.

Jane reported that the Mo Times will interview Bill Lant at the Courthouse Museum and that on Dec. 6, the Society, as a fundraiser, will cater the Republican Club.

Karen reported that there will be an audition on Dec. 1 for parts in the upcoming “Snake County Stories”.  They will be performing on January 25 & 26 at the McDonald Co High School Performing Arts Center.  The Historical Society will also participate in the Christmas Parade on Dec. 1 @ 5pm.  Be sure and put on your calendar that our General Historical Society will meet on January 20.  The speaker is scheduled to be author and singer Marideth Sisco entitled “The Old Ozarks”.

Personal Note:  I elected not to run for the Board this year --- When coming on the Board in 2013 and serving as your Chair since 2014, I had only planned on serving for some two years but as we got involved in restoring the Courthouse Museum, how could I not continue to be a part of that.  How exciting it has been….. I have to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the Board members and specifically to Lynn Tatum who served as President during most of that time.  “What a team”…and as I look at the existing Board, I can only say that the future looks bright for the continuation of collecting, preserving & celebrating our rich & unique heritage in McDonald County.  I encourage you to continue to support your Historical Society in any way possible.   What a great way to invest in our children..

Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving and all be safe..  Al

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