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Board Notes

September 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Lynn Tatum, Kathy Underwood

Realizing that we have some new members, I’ll repeat that these notes are not the Board Minutes but simple a quick way for me to keep our members up to date on the activities of their Board.

As part of the announcements, Al mentioned that the Volunteer Appreciation dinner is scheduled for the October 15, the same day as our normally scheduled Board meeting.  In order to relieve some of the pressure on Board members who will be involved, we’re changing the Board meeting date to the 22nd of October.  We also discussed the Board retreat and after it was apparent that several members of the Board would not be available to attend on the original date, we rescheduled to November 19.

Judy R. presented the financial report.  She reported that we have a working budget of $31,347, followed by a written report by Lynn showing that we are continuing within the allocated budget items for the year.

Paul and Karen reported that the fence has been installed at the Sheriff’s house and also reported that the doors to the Sheriffs house will be replaced.  The Board approved the installation & painting of the doors by Monty McClellen.

Sam reported on artifacts that were donated to include: a box ledgers and guest books from the Cove in Lanagan by Barb Ittner; five postcards of Anderson by David Brasher; two 1961 wooden coins from McDonald County Territory, one strawberry token, war ration books, Photo of E.L. Shields and miscellaneous papers donated by the McDonald County Library.  All items were approved by the Board.

Karen reported that 6 classes of 4th grade student are scheduled for tours of the Museum.  As part of her President’s report, Karen has identified a donor that will pay for a mobile sound system that can be utilized each time we have a speaker or presentations.  The Board approved moving ahead on the sound system.  Her report detailed additional committee schedules including the Snake County Stories audition on Saturday, Dec. 1.  She emphasized that there will new stories and subplots to be presented this year.  She also presented two names for awarding “life time memberships” ….. I won’t spoil the surprise at this point but they are so deserving of this recognition…. Both were approved with enthusiasm by the Board.

Kathy reported that we have 179 regular members and 63 Friends of the Society.  Haven’t gone back to check but suspect that 242 may be a high point but anticipating more growth next year.  Kathy is also serving as Chair of the nominating committee for the Board and Society Officers.  The nomination forms will be sent out in our upcoming Newsletter so our Society members will have the opportunity to nominate someone for the Board.  In addition, she and her committee are continuing to put together data and information for the application to the State for the designation of the old Jail as a historical site.

Phyllis has finished the Calendar for 2019 and sold copies at the General Historical Soc meeting yesterday.  They have a theme of old postcards from various sites throughout the County, including Ginger Blue Lodge, Shadow Lake in Noel, the Cove Café in Lanagan, etc…  They are available for sale for $10 at a number of sites in the County.----  There’re fantastic---
Phyllis also reported on the Nov. 11 Veterans Day activities.  Although all veterans will be honored, since it is the 100-year anniversary of WWI, we will be featuring WWI veterans.  She mentioned that some 360 McDonald County veterans served in the WWI and 17 lost their lives during their service.  I must say that, considering the size of our County,  I was surprised by the number of our veterans that served between 1914-1918.

As a side note, Phyllis reported some 2,549 volunteer hours recorded for the year to date.  We all know that there are additional hours that are never recorded but it does give some idea of the effort put in by the Board.  To say that our Board is a “working Board” is an understatement.

Good to be in touch with you--- all be safe…  Al

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