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Board Notes

March 2017

Board Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Lynn Tatum, President; Karen Dobbs, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Tara Cosgrove, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Alice Snodgrass, Nick Spears, Kathy Underwood
Guest: Reg Rowe
We were pleased to welcome Reg Rowe to make a presentation on his proposed Secession Days Event.  Our Courthouse Museum has a room dedicated to the effort made by McDonald County in 1961 to secede from the State of Missouri in an effort to protest being left off of the State of Missouri “Vacationland Map”----  Reg proposed at least a 3 county(McDonald, MO; Benton, AR; Delaware, OK),  3-day event to celebrate this event with the hope of increasing tourism and economic development to the area.  He proposes to work with mayors, city councils, etc. in these areas as well as raising funds to carry out the event.  Karen & Judy D will serve on his committee as liaison with our Board.  The Board recommended that he develop a logo, form a tax exempt organization as he moves into the fund raising mode.  The Board will continue to redo the Secession room at the Courthouse as well as provide docents for tours of the Museum during the 3 day event.

Judy R presented the financial report showing $3145 in the Newsletter fund, $10,000 in reserve, $18,000 in Preservation and $11,639 in our Operating fund. 

Al reported on the repair of a gas leak in the Sheriffs house --- confirmed by the gas company--- Sumner Mechanical Heating and Air was hired to make appropriate repairs.  It was found that there were multiple small leaks, some in the walls and so it was decided that the old line will be closed off and a new line run to the Heater/AC and the hot water heater.  In addition, there were several breaks in the heating ducts under the house that were repaired.

Sam reported on the planning for the upcoming Veterans Military display scheduled for 2018.  Each of the Veterans will be honored by a framed photo along with their personal stories.  These will be displayed on the 2nd floor Courtroom.  In addition, Sam presented the following donated artifacts for consideration by the Board.  A book “The Miracle of the Hog Farm” was donated by Claudine Doherty, a Scrap book, photos, etc. of the Seven Valley Cheese Factory in Anderson by Sharon Hines; and a book “ Anderson & the Valley of the Indian” by Charles Burris.  These were approved by the Board.  In addition, Jim Smith asked to donate a side saddle and Susan Collard has a beauty shop chair available from her Aunt.  Due to limited space and with our sincere regrets, the Board did not accept those items.

Karen gave an update on the upcoming Snake County Stories which is being revived and will be presented in conjunction with Jesse James Days.  We are pleased that Natasha O’Brien Davies from Crowder College will serve as the Director with Karen as Producer.  They will be presented Aug 10 in Pineville, Aug. 11 in Anderson and Aug. 12 in Southwest City.
Kathy reported that the re-ups and new members was continuing with the current count of 195 with 139 regular members and 56 Friends of the Society.

Margarette reported on the status of the Benefit Dinner on April 1 at the River Ranch in Noel.  It’s of interest that Sondra Torchia will return to do period reenactments--- this year she will be doing Roberta Fulbright (1847-1963) and Phillip Mitchell will return as the M.C. for the evening.  If you haven’t bought your tickets and wish to attend contact Lynn/Margarette.  We will have a presence at the Expo on April 1 as well.

Lynn gave a report on the number of media contacts, mailings, interviews with reporters as well as thousands of hits on Facebook.  Just as a side bar from me, wanted to say what a great meeting the Society had on Sunday with Kim Bell presenting her Military experience which served as a “kick off” of the Veterans Military display that will be developed over the next year for exhibit in 2018.

Lynn also brought up for discussion a number of areas that should be ripe for grant applications.  Kim Sneider from the Library will work with us to see if we can get a few more grants for projects such as the Speaker series, Veterans exhibit, and Snake County Stories, etc…

Enuf for now--- enjoy the early spring--- be safe…  Al

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