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Board Notes

Marh 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Lynn Tatum, Kathy Underwood

We’ve had some new members join so, as I have in the past, a reminder of the purpose of these notes is to keep our membership up to date on the activity of your Board.  Not official minutes but to briefly outline some of the major actions & discussions. 

Al announced that we have scheduled a Board Retreat for Jun 23rd.  This will allow our Board to take a look at where we have been and make a general plan for our activities over the next year.  Don McBride, CEO of Access Family Care will speak on the value of Servant Leadership as a management style.

Judy R. gave our Treasurers report which showed our newsletter fund of $3,339, preservation at $603 and our working capital to be at $32,258.93.  Lynn gave a report on behalf of the Finance Committee showing that we were generally on budget and but did recommend moving some $2500 from the Events fund to the Sheriff’s House & grounds for projected additional expenditures.  She reported that some $13,118. Has been raised since January. 

Paul presented some possibilities for fixing up the Sheriff’s House yard to include placing railroad ties along the alley way to deter traffic from going on our yard.  We had originally considered concrete curbing would exceed our budget.   In addition, we are considering cleaning up the back area with gravel on driveway and again using ties to protect the yard.  Consider planting shrubs on north as well as the south side.  He will contact Back to Basics to see what assistance they can provide.  Paul will attempt to get bids to bring back to the Board next month.  Al was asked to ck in with the Post Office.  We understand that they have proposed making the drive between us 1 one with a drop off box.  The Historical Soc owes 2/3 of the drive and the Post Office the other 1/3.  We are receptive to this but would like to discuss the placement of the drop off box.

Sam requested that we provide a bronze plaque by the front door of the Sheriff’s House to recognize it as the historical site that it is.  The size of the plaque will be approximately 14”X18”.  In addition to the repainting of the inside of the Sheriff’s house, a number of historic displays have been installed on the walls.  The Board approved expenditure for the plaque.
Sam also reported on a number of artifacts submitted for consideration by the Board.  These include newspaper articles from the 60’s donated by Mark Bartley; 2 clocks donated by Paul Lewis, 3 watercolors donated by C. Jess Thrasher and a manuscript entitled “Bird in German Cage/Bird Soars Again” written and submitted by Jean (Stratton) Bird.  All items were accepted by the Board.

We are at the point of renewal of memberships and Kathy reported that renewals are still coming in and at present we are at 157 regular members and 60 Friends of the Society giving us 217 total.  I’ll use this as a reminder that if you haven’t “reupped”, now is the time…with our thanks…

Phyllis brought us up to date on the status of our Military Stories.  There have been some 130 submissions although there were a few that the photo quality would not reproduce due to lack of clarity.  Sam reported that the Bunker Hill group is continuing to work on the frames and all will be ready for the Seasonal opening of our Museum on May 26.  Phyllis also proposed to the Board that the Calendar theme for the upcoming year will be “Ozarks, the Land of a Million Smiles” featuring color photos of various historic recreational sites throughout the County.  The Board approved her proposal.  In addition, she proposed, and the Board accepted, having a Veterans Day celebration on Veterans Day (Nov. 11 @ 2pm) on the Museum grounds.

Jane provided a detailed update on the Annual Benefit Dinner, our principal fund raiser, to be held at the River Ranch Resort in Noel, April 7 at 5PM.  The entertainment will be the Snake County Stories,  along with good food and an auction including quality historic items.  The tickets are only $30 each or a table of 6 for $250.  If you would like to buy a table or donate an item for the auction, contact Lynn at 417-223-3593 or email Tatum2@olemac.net .  Tickets are also available at a number of sites in the community including: Cornerstone Bank in S.W. City and Pineville, The Jane Store, 1st Community Bank in Goodman, Arvest in Noel and Anderson and Rags to Riches in Anderson.

Karen, in her President’s report provided a schedule of committee meetings that will keep the progress going on a number of the projects referred to above.  Also, she has proposed a re-examination of our Docent program with the intent to involve a greater range of persons, possibly including students.  Margarette, as our Docent coordinator continues to emphasize that finding people that will serve on the Friday and Saturdays during the spring, summer and fall is one of the most important but most challenging duties in our organization.  It is critical that our Museum be open and available to the public as much as possible but it requires volunteer staff to pull this off.

I’m going to call is quits at this point…. All be safe and look forward to your comments…  Al

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