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Board Notes

June 2017

Board Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Lynn Tatum, President; Karen Dobbs, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Tara Cosgrove, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Alice Snodgrass, Nick Spears, Kathy Underwood

My disclaimer statement is based on the fact that we continue to add new members …these are not “Official Minutes” but an overview of what your Board is doing on your behalf….. As I say, when I make mistakes just consider the source…
Judy R. provided a financial report that shows that we have maintained our $10,000 reserve fund, have some $2500 in our Newsletter fund, a little over $13,000 remaining in our Preservation fund raiser and a little over $34,200 in our Operating fund.  There are smaller preservation projects still need to be done and we anticipate that the amount in our fund will cover those expenses.

Al presented additional proposed changes in our By Laws based on the Missouri State Statute that defines a quorum so additional changes will be proposed as follows: -- red is delete and yellow is new

A quorum is defined as the number of members present.  For regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings, a quorum for the transaction of business shall be constituted if at least one-third of the duly elected members of the Board of Directors are present. Motions will be passed by a simple majority vote.

The Board approved the above changes to our By Laws

Earlier changes submitted in my May Board notes requested that we increase the number on our Board by 3 increasing our Board from the current 15 to 18 total members were also approved by the Board. All of these changes will be presented to the members at our July 16 meeting of general membership for a final vote.  Any questions or comments, let me know….
Lynn presented the status and proposed upkeep on the Museum, including minor repair to the foundation—with completed with the balance at a later time.  Paul will check on the cost of pipe hand rails for the front and back doors, finish off the 2nd floor of the Sheriff’s house and repair of floor in the closet of the Museum.  In addition, Lynn will look into signage on the front lawn of the Museum Courthouse.

Lynn reported that James Reed has made available additional books (1908-09 and “Churches & Cemeteries) that that will be sold in the Emporium.  Along this line, she also emphasized that when persons bring in an artifact for donation to the Museum we must make sure that the appropriate “Deed of Gift” form are filled out and signed.  In terms of Media contacts she reported that Events notices will now be posted on Face Book.

Karen reported on the status of the upcoming “Snake County Stories”- Most of the Cast has been identified and dates have been set for presentation--- Additional details will be on Face Book, etc… but preliminarily the first will be August 10 in Pineville at 7:30PM on Jesse James Day, the next will be August 11 in Anderson at 7PM and the last will be August 12 in Southwest City at the Arts Center.  Tickets will be available at selected banks.  Again, additional details will be forthcoming, but be sure and keep the dates & locations on your calendars.

Lynn reported for Sam on the Artifacts that were submitted.  These included: Strawberry Stamp and Justrite ink pad donated by Joe Plummer; Negatives found in archives at Carthage Courthouse pertaining to McDonald Co donated by the Jasper Co. Records & Research Ctr.; 1938 calendar by Nichols Brothers in SW City donated by Pat Chapman, a windows banner of Jim Beam Whiskey recognizing the McDonald Co Secession;  a quilt from the estate of Paul Miller of Goodman who inherited it from Alma Johnson Miller of Bethpage donated by John & Carol Todd; and a Time Stamp Machine was used in O’Brien business donated by Mary O’Brien.   All were accepted by the Board.

Margarette reminded all that we would have our General Society members meeting on July 16 at the Pineville Community Center (2pm).  Again, additional details will be available. 

Kathy reported that our membership now stands at 222 with 158 regular members and 64 Friends of the Historical Society.
That’s enuf for now…  All be safe..  Al

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