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Board Notes

February 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Lynn Tatum, Kathy Underwood

We’ve had some new members join so, as I have in the past, a reminder of the purpose of these notes is to keep our membership up to date on the activity of your Board.  Not official minutes but to briefly outline some of the major actions.  Also, to give you a chance to make comments and ask questions.

Judy R provided a written report of our finances and shows some $31,000 in our account with $26,000 in our operating fund.

We continued to revise our Committee structure and members.  We have added the Military Stories Committee chaired by Phyllis along with a Jail Recognition committee chaired by Kathy and a Collection Management Committee headed by Alice.  A word or two is in order to explain a bit more about these committees.  Phyllis reported that the Military Committee will showcase as many of our veterans coming from McDonald County as possible.  Lynn has continued to work on photoshopping and/or cropping many of the submitted photos in order to make them as clear as possible although there were 10 submitted that would not successfully enlarge with clarity.  Photos with brief descriptions will be on display in the Courtroom of the Museum beginning at our grand opening in May, 2018.  They will be on display for two years.  After 2 years the display will be given to the family for safekeeping.   In addition, notebooks with detailed info will be available along with scanning onto electronic media for viewing by all.  Although the date for submission of info to be displayed has passed, we will continue to collect information and place it in the notebooks as well as on electronic media.  The notebooks and digitized information will be kept permanently in the Museum.  The Jail Recognition Committee is working to put together documentation for an application to the State to designate the old jail as a Historical site.  The Collection Management Committee is another critical committee set up to ensure the preservation of artifacts and documents that have been provided to the Historical Society over the years.  As all of you know, we have been focused on the renovation and preservation of the Museum and now that this phase is completed, we can move on to the management & organization of our collected documents and artifacts critical to fulfilling our Mission Statement.  The information entered into the database will include a description, who gave us the info, where it is located along with other relevant information.     Alice is hopeful that the input of info can be completed by the end of 2018. 

Jane & Margarette reported on the upcoming Spring Banquet.  Needless to say, you are all invited to our 5th annual benefit banquet to be held Saturday April 7, 2018 at the River Ranch Resort. Tickets are $30 each or for a table of 6 ($250) and tickets can be obtained by calling 417-223-3593 or email tatum@olemac.net.  There will be a fantastic dinner, program and live auction.   Further info will be coming out as final arrangements are made.  With your help we can continue to preserve the Historic Courthouse and keep the Museum open.

Paul gave us an update on repairs to the Sheriff’s House that were completed.  During the earlier cold snap that we had, a pipe had broken under the house.  Aaron Bernard was hired to make the repairs which required significant pipe work in the bathroom area as well as digging up the line to the street.  The Board expressed our appreciation to him for the work including a significant in-kind discount as a donation to the Historical Society.

Sam reported that the Bunker Hill group was hard at work on providing a strip quilt background for the Military photos that will be displayed and referred to above.  There are some 116 scheduled to be on display.  She also showed the plan for how they will be displayed in the Courtroom. She also reported that the mission statement and our logo plus a digitized version of the large road map of McDonald Co will be framed and be displayed in our conference room.  Lynn reported that we have ordered 20 black folding chairs and plan to order 2 more folding tables for the conference room.

Sam presented one artifact for consideration by the Board.  It was a postcard picture of the saloon at the time of the making of the Jesse James movie.  It was given by Paul Mulik to Paul Lewis who made the donation.  The Board accepted it for inclusion in our collection.

In regard to membership, remember that it is time for our annual membership renewal.  Kathy reported that, to date, we have 85 regular and 48 friends of the Society that have renewed or have joined as new members.  As a reminder, membership is absolutely critical in order to keep the Society active in preserving the history of our McDonald County so, if you haven’t done so, take a minute and renew.  Remember it’s only $15 for regular, $25 for a family and $50 if you wish to be a “Friend” of the Society.  If you have not received a notice, the membership forms are available on our website : http://www.mcdonaldcohistory.org/ 

Karen in her President’s report detailed a number of upcoming dates including the next general meeting of the Society on March 18 @2pm in the Pineville Community Ctr.  Our featured speaker will be Erin Rowe who is well known for her Ozark cook book featuring some of the dishes that some of us as well as our ancestors were raised on.  She was recently featured in the newspaper(s) for her expertise in this area.  Look forward to it.

Good enuf for now..  All be safe..  Al

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