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Board Notes

May 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Lynn Tatum, Kathy Underwood

We’ve had some new members join so, as I have in the past, a reminder of the purpose of these notes is to keep our membership up to date on the activity of your Board.  Not official minutes but to briefly outline some of the major actions & discussions. 

Judy R. presented the Treasurer’s report showing that the working budget is at $39,89.35 including some $3,339 remaining in the Newsletter fund, $600 in the preservation fund and $270 left in the Dorfman fund. 

As we mentioned in our last month’s Board notes, Paul and his committee are continuing to develop plans for the Board to consider on reworking the grounds around the Sheriff’s House.  Al made contact with the Pineville City Council through the Mayor, Gregg Sweeten in order to alert the Council that we were planning to close off the driveway that goes through the back of our property.  Although the public is using this as a “street” it is not an officially one of the city streets and belongs to the McDonald County Historical Society.  In addition, Al requested maps from the County and City that would determine the exact property lines before installing our fence.  It became clear that although there are maps they were not necessarily accurate enough to defend the specific property line.  Al contacted Travis Green, a surveyor, to determine the property lines of the Sheriff’s House.  In addition, Paul and Lynn are obtaining information on types of fencing.  Paul will bring back quotes on vinyl and wood fencing to the Board next month for consideration.  The Board voted to complete the north side of the property holding on the remaining perimeter until funds have been secured.  The Board continued discussing the fencing and completion of the back area including parking & fencing.  Clearly, we are still in the process of developing ideas as well as getting quotes. 

As an update, Sam said that all 113 McDonald county veterans photo displays are installed and are ready for the May 26 History Live Museum opening for the 2018 season.  Until you have seen the displays (100 years of Military History) you can’t realize the amount of work that Phyllis did in initiating and bringing all of this together, Lynn’s work on the photos, and Sam and the Bunker Hill group on the framed borders.  I’ll say it again, you will all be so proud.  Phyllis also indicated that there were an additional number that may not have had photo’s that could be reproduced but these and others that may come in later will be placed in notebooks available for preservation and viewing. 

Karen, on behalf of the Education Committee, reported that contact has been made with the High school history club and Jonathan Holz.  The History Club met at the Museum including a tour.  We hope and plan for these History Club students to be involved after fall classes begin. 

Kathy reported that we have 173 regular members & 63 Friends of the Society.  The membership total of 236 exceeds our membership from last year.  Again, however, if you haven’t “reupped” or if you have a friend that you think should join, it is a great investment in our shared heritage.

Alice gave an update on the entering of our collection of artifacts, etc. into a database.  It appears that things are moving along with the deadline of around the 1st of the year to be finished with the initial input.  As a favorite issue of mine, I want all to realize how many years we have been waiting until we had the ability, facility & the personnel to identify and categorize the valued historical items that the community has entrusted to our care.  Alice reported that they are focused on the Courthouse Museum at present.  It should be no secret that this project will never end, since new artifacts will continue to be accepted & brought into the Museum. 

Phyllis also reported on the Calendars and Linda /Karen reported on the Newsletter and both are on schedule.
Margarette, Karen, Lynn, Sam, Phyllis, etc. reported on the finalization of our History Live Event--- Please forgive me for leaving out some names---- this is an all-out effort on the part of several of our Board members to get ready for “History Live”, our grand opening of the Museum for the 2018 season.  Again, organizing this is one of the most time-consuming events of the year.  The date again, is this Saturday, May 26.  To follow up on the Veterans display, there will be a special showing for those families who have contributed.  We plan for the Military Service display to be up for at least 2 years. 

Karen reminded the Board of the date for the upcoming Board Retreat on June 23.  As you know, the Board uses this time to take a look at the past year, what was good and maybe not so good and plan for the upcoming year.  Also remember that our next General Society meeting will be July 15 at the Pineville Community Center at 2pm.  Hope to see you there.

Panic time around the Grand Opening so that’ll do it for now… all be safe...  Al

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