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Board Notes

May 2017

Board Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Lynn Tatum, President; Karen Dobbs, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Tara Cosgrove, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Alice Snodgrass, Nick Spears, Kathy Underwood

I realize that we are gaining new members so occasionally, I repeat that these Notes are intended to keep our membership current on what their Board of Directors is doing on their behalf.  I also need to add that these are “quick and dirty” and when I make mistakes just “consider the source”.

Al reported on meetings with Gregg Sweeten, Mayor of Pineville.  We both consider these meeting to be preliminary discussions with the City to find a way to replace the sidewalks surrounding our Courthouse Museum.  It is apparent that the sidewalks are beginning to deteriorate and at some point, need to be replaced with the intent of increasing the look of the square.  The Mayor is supportive of the idea and is looking into ways they can assist us to make sure it happens.  The Historical Board approved a motion to support the concept and continue to work with the City in any way possible.

Judy R. gave the financial report showing our Preservation Fund has a balance of some $12,500, Newsletter fund of $3,145, our Reserve Fund of $10,000 and our operating fund at $31,886. 

Karen reported on the work by Master Gardeners to spruce up the grounds around the Courthouse Museum.  This included adding mulch, trimming of shrubs, etc.  In addition, the new sign above the Courthouse door has been remade and replaced all in anticipation of the annual opening of the Museum on May 27.  We certainly hope that all of you can join us… will be a lot of fun activity on the square for the whole family.  In addition, Karen reported that the Snake County Stories is moving along with upcoming auditions.  Detailed information on the time and place for these presentations will be published soon.

Lynn reported that Facebook has now reached some 1600 “likes” and press releases re: our May 27 Opening will be going out.  In addition, the Spring Newsletter has been mailed to over 500 and the Summer Newsletter is in the process of development.  Calendars for the upcoming 2018 which will feature Agriculture in McDonald County should be ready by midsummer.  In terms of publications, there are 3 new James Reed books ready us to purchase and make available for sale.
Sam reported that final preparations are underway on revision of the various displays inside the Courthouse Museum.  The last step in the process is a redo of the Secession Room—depicting the Counties efforts to secede from the State.  The Agriculture room is complete (former Strawberry Room) along with a number of other new displays, again all in anticipation of the May 27 opening.

Sam also reported that the following artifacts were provided to the Board for consideration.  Sharon Hines gave a number of miscellaneous old photos of McDonald County History and Jim Tatum provided, on loan, two photos of paintings of military displays.  All items were approved by the Board.

Kathy reported that our membership now stands at 153 with 63 Friends and 90 regular members.  Again, as a reminder, want you to reup or join if it has slipped your mind.

Margarette reported that things were on track for the May 27 opening.  Her committee also checked into the River Ranch and found that the flood cleanup is complete and they are in the process of getting information in order to bring a recommendation back to the Board regarding the site for next year’s Annual Benefit Dinner.  The date of the Annual Benefit dinner was set for April 7, 2018.  They anticipate that their recommendation will be provided to the Board at the June meeting.

Al & Lynn proposed for consideration by the Board that our Board membership be increased.  The principal reason is to provide additional opportunities for others from McDonald County to serve.  We hope to expand the Board to include a broader representation of the County, particularly from the eastern and western sides of the County.  This will require a By Law change which does require a vote from the full membership.   The Board voted to expand from our current 15 members to 18 members.   Since we require notifying our members 30 days before a vote and in order to give you a heads-up, the statement in our By-Laws will appear as follows:  Red = delete and green = replacement/addition

ARTICLE VI ……...  In addition to the four (4) Officers, there will be five to a maximum of fourteen eleven Board members at large who will be elected by the Society members at the November meeting for a term of two years on a staggered basis.

Article VII- The officers and at large Directors will constitute the Board of Directors.  This will result in a maximum of eighteen (18) fifteen (15) Directors on the Board.  Directors may be re-elected by a plurality of votes cast by the members.

Al announced that the Chamber of Commerce, who has been sharing our building will be moving June 1 to a new location.  A motion was made and approved that, for the time being, we will not lease that space but will expand our present facilities.

Again, enuf for now… all be safe…  Al

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