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Board Notes

July 2018

To Collect, Preserve and Celebrate the Rich and Unique History of McDonald County

Members: Al Chapman, Chair; Karen Dobbs, President; Phyllis Chancellor, Vice President; Judy Rickett, Treasurer; Jane Lant, Secretary; Sam Alps, Alberta Anders, Angie Brewer, Judy Duncan, Gene Hall, Paul Lewis, Margarette Mitchell, Linda Patterson, Nancy Rowse, Alice Snodgrass, Lynn Tatum, Kathy Underwood

In terms of announcements, Alberta announced that she was moving from the area and would be resigning from the Board.  After getting over the shock, all members of the Board expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Alberta for some 20 years that she has devoted to the Historical Society.  Her service included serving as Secretary to the Society, publisher of numerous articles and our contact with the press, Docent and Docent Coordinator, our representative on the Pineville City Planning Committee, etc..  She will be missed.  While other may serve in her position on the Board, none will replace her.

Judy R. presented the Financial Report.  The reconciled summary showed an ending balance of $38,089.41 with the Dorfman Fund showing a balance of $270, the Preservation Fund with a balance of $603, the Newsletter fund with $2,694.52 and the working capital of $34,521.89.

Paul reported on the Buildings and Grounds Committee.  The Museum front and back doors of the Museum had been difficult to open and close so corrections were made.  In addition, Karen reported on changes made to the Museum locks on the front and back doors.  The locksmith suggested that there had been some tampering with the locks.  Additional security measures will be taken immediately including a request for additional surveillance by city and county law enforcement of the Museum and Sheriff’s House.  Karen also reported that one of the A/C air ducts in the Sheriffs house was repaired.  As a follow-up to the approval last month for fencing to be installed on the north side of the Sheriffs House, Paul and Karen will meet with the contractor tomorrow to initiate the installation of the fence.

Lynn, on behalf of Sam, reported the following artifacts submitted for consideration by the Board.  These included: 4 boxes of Fostoria Glassware from Lynn Tatum to be sold through Rags to Riches and the proceeds given to the Historical Society.  Jean Bird submitted a framed map of prisoner of war camps during WWII as well as information on Grant Bird to be included as a part of our Military exhibits.  Mary Lu Hansen submitted 2 postcards from the Noel bluffs as well.  All were approved by the Board.

Judy Duncan reported on a meeting with Olivia Olson, a contact that can assist in presenting both written material as well as video, photos through the Veteran History Project to the Library of Congress.  For the deceased Veterans, a minimum of 20 pages is required for submission however, with the living Veterans, a video is the preferred method.

Karen reported that Snake County Stories will start up again with auditions beginning in August with the intent of presenting the first play in January.

Kathy reported that our membership is holding at 177 with 64 Friends.

In terms of the Military Stories, Phyllis reported that the stories & Photos from the notebooks has been downloaded onto the computer and that the Calendars are in their final phase.

Lynn presented a draft of new “Rack” Brochures advertising the Historical Museum will be finalized and made available for display in various sites in the county and region. 

Phyllis is finalizing the activities for Veteran Day Nov.11 which is also the 100th anniversary of WWI.  Lynn also brought up for consideration the 150th year celebration in 2021 of our Museum which happens to coincide with the Missouri bicentennial.  This is an item for continued discussion and action.

Karen also reported on the recent assistance by the Walmart Foundation in direct support of the Collection Management Committee.  This includes some 7 volunteers with $500 /each volunteer going back to the Society.  The major assistance, however, is the hands-on effort they bring to our organization.  The volunteers are trained in working with such a software data base.  There are literally thousands of documents/items that need to be identified and input into our computerized data base.
Karen reminded us that the next Historical Society meeting is scheduled for September 16 @2PM at the Pineville Community Center.

Enuf for now…All be safe..  Al

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