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Preserving our History and Heritage

The McDonald County Historical Society is a non-profit membership organization with more than 60 members. The Society’s not-for-profit status was established in 2003 and the Society operates within its bylaws.

The goal of the current Society’s officers is to continue to uphold the bylaws established, to strive to preserve the historical documents and artifacts of the County, and to facilitate the dissemination of historical research.

The current and primary project of the Society for 2007 was to establish a County Museum. We are pleased to say that project has been accomplished! Of course, on-going tasks at the Museum continue to reflect the pride and professionalism of the Society as a whole. However, the Museum is only one project of the Society.

The Society was successful in having 500 calendars printed for 2008 which beautifully displayed 12 photographs of our County's Main Streets over 100 years ago. By mid-January all 500 calendars have been dispersed and donations exceeds $2,000. We plan to prepare calendars again this fall, to be dispersed by early 2009.

In 2006, the McDonald County Commissioners appointed a County Planning Commission to focus attention on the current needs of McDonald County. Nineteen members of the Planning Commission represent the voting districts of the county. One of the first tasks being undertaken is to create a Comprehensive Plan to help direct the future of McDonald County. Within their comprehensive plan to assist in the direction of the County’s future are provisions to help preserve the County’s past. Several members of the Planning Commission are also members of the Historical Society. The Society is working closely with the Planning Commission to include Historical Preservation in the Comprehensive Plan. Projects have been recommended such as establishing Historical Markers throughout the county, identify our County’s cemeteries, and encourage restoration and maintenance of historic properties.

The Heritage and History of McDonald County is published by the McDonald County Historical Society and is distributed to all members quarterly.

The McDonald County Historical Society meets the third Sunday of every month at the McDonald County Historical Museum in Pineville, Missouri. Guest speakers delight us with their recollections of McDonald County Past. All are welcome.

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